3-Day, FREE Workshop To Turn Your Losses Into Profits
18-20 March 2022, 8pm - 10.30pm
This workshop is perfect for you if you have started investing but are stuck or unhappy with your returns..
Online Training. 
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Here's What You'll Discover In This Training

Day 1 : Stop Losing Money

1. Discover Top Mistakes Investors Make That Wipe Out Their Portfolio & What Is The Solution...

2. How One Man Lose Money For 10 Years Consecutively, Then Multiplied His Money In 3 Years..

3. Why Doing Nothing & Remaining The Same Is The Worst Thing You Can Do & How Do We Stop The Bleeding In Our Portfolio...

Day 2 : Start Making Money

1. How To Invest In This Current Environment Of Rising Interest Rate & Volatile Market?

2. Why Limiting Yourself To Only Invest In Malaysia is a Handicap & How To Invest Overseas with LOW RISK AND SMALL CAPITAL

3. Our FATARM Trading Method to make about 36% return in 2021 while others are making loss...

Day 3 : Protect Your Money

1. The Special Technique To Make 2-3%/month From The Stocks You Are Stuck In & to REPAIR YOUR LOSS

2. The Portfolio Management Method Will Limit Your Loss Even If You Make A Huge Mistake..

3. How To Buy More Stocks Even If You Have No More Capital...

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Date & Time : 18-20 March 2022, 8pm to 10.30pm
Venue : ZOOM (Online)
Price : $97 FREE

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Meng Teck
Multi Millionaire Full Time Investor
CEO of Savwee
Who is Meng Teck?
CEO of Savwee Investment.
From 10,000 capital at age 19, to millionaire at 26.
Interviewed multiple billionaires on business & investing.
Made 150% gain in 2019 and
helped his students make more than $1 million in profit in 2020.

Here's why you should listen to what he says :

1. He started out from the very bottom with 0 capital.

At age 19, Meng Teck worked as a customer service agent in Kuala Lumpur. A chance encounter allowed him to discover an investment workshop at Universiti Malaya. It was at that moment that he understood that no one ever got rich trading their time for money. The truly wealthy, invests. Being ambitious, he set out to take massive action and invested his life savings of RM10,000 during the down market of General Election 2013. He was able to make 15% in a month, more than what he needed to spend. It was at that instance that he realised, if only he can do this consistently, he can retire at a very young age if he chooses to. 

2. He learnt from the best billionaire investors and is using what he learnt to invest.
He was very fortunate because when he set out to learn how to invest, he was able to learn directly from the most prominent investors from each country like Koon Yew Yin (Malaysia), Lo Kheng Hong (Indonesia), Dr.Niwes (Thailand) who shared their experience and tips on how they turned a capital of a couple hundred thousands into few hundred millions. 

3. What you'll learn is NOT just theory. He invests millions of his own money today and is currently able to make RM20,000-RM30,000 income every month even without working another day.

4. He is the regularly seen having exclusive interviews with bosses of public listed companies in Malaysia. This means he is still very in touch with the current investment situation in the share market and is the go to person if you want to get the most professional guidance to start investing.

 In this upcoming event, Meng Teck set out to share what he has learnt from these investors, so you can save time & not repeat his mistakes.
Here are what others are saying about Meng Teck..
Sounds Good To You? Register Below Secure Your Seat To My Event 

Date & Time : 18-20 March 2022, 8pm to 10.30pm
Venue : ZOOM (Online)
Price : $97 FREE

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What You Will Learn From This Webinar:
Secret #3: How To Charm & Persuade People To Buy More From You, Faster Without Even Trying..
It's not hypnosis but it's close..
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